What makes us different?

This is where beautiful branding, growth driven design and incredible content meet. 


Loud House Inc. Is a Portland Oregon based marketing firm that uses out of the box methods and innovative tactics to grow your brand. We use our wealth of market research skills to pinpoint current trends and combine those with your personal handcrafted growth strategies. Each project has its own special ethos, and we are the masters defining that space and creating momentum. 

Let me make this clear, we have such a brilliant team that we are able to offer a plethora of services that most agencies just can’t. Whether it be brand activation to PR, creating marketing collateral or a video campaign that drives sales immediately, we are the one stop shop for brands that get it. We firmly believe that if the user experience is delivered a meaningful way, it will naturally establish a relevant and purposeful connection between brands and their audiences. 


We identify the key metrics your brand needs


When Loud House gets our team together on a project, we go crazy with ideas. But ideas are just that; ideas. We work hard to find the key metrics your brand needs to know in order to grow. That means rolling up our sleeves and digging deep into your industry. I can almost guarantee things about yourself or your competitors that will surprise you.

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